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Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Great Housewarming Party!

We always think it is nice to have a housewarming party when you move house - particularly important in a small community like ours. It is a great chance to meet your new neighbors, and everyone likes a party!

When our house was sold, it was one of a pair of semi-detached cottages. By tremendous good fortune we get on very well with our new neighbours Graham and Charlie - they have similar ideas of self sufficiency and smallholding, and Graham likes carpentry, Land Rovers and real ale - clearly a proper chap! We decided to pool our resources and hold a joint party for neighbours, family and friends old-and-new.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have hoped as we were busy mingling, meeting new friends and drinking beer. Our catering arrangements were brutally simple - two Firkins of ale from our local Sherfield Village Brewery http://www.sherfieldvillagebrewery.co.uk/ and half a pig, spit roast with home made apple sauce. Delicious, really rather inexpensive and huge fun!

Graham (our neighbour) and Kristy (my wonderful girlfriend) admiring the beast.

Charlie helping to set up the marquee - that came free with the hog roast!

The Pig all set up and ready to go.

Yours Truly caught in the middle of feeding 80 guests - excuse the terrible picture, it came from a friend's mobile phone and via Facebook!

And finally some proof that we did actually have some guests! This pic was a still from a timelapse film I made with my GoPro camera. Note the throng of people round the beer tent in the top of the frame!

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  1. That looks lke some tasty pork! Great idea when you move to a new house. When we moved here the neighbours through an evening get together for us, it was fun and a night that we'd never forget (as my wife then went on to give birth - luckily not in their house though!)