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Thursday, 17 April 2014

A New Tool

We have quite frequent deliveries of tools to AnAcreInHampshire - but this new one is quite special.

This is my new plumb bob - new to me, not brand new. It is a lovely object as well as a good tool - and I'm quite sure that a contemporary plumb bob would be plastic, or cheaply made.
This is particularly exciting as it is the first specific Barn building tool I've bought.
A plumb bob is vital for the scribe rule method of woodworking - because the oak I will use will probably be twisted and 'crowned' i.e not flat over its length, each joint will have to be custom cut to match its neighbour. Scribe rule joinery is one of those things that I suspect is easier to demonstrate than describe - at least that's my excuse for not understanding it fully yet!



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