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Sunday, 8 February 2015

From Forest to Fence

Thanks to my future brother-in-law Luke for the title to this blog entry - seeing as he helped with the manual effort I think he has earned naming rights!

In our apparently never-ending quest to make our boundary dog proof, we needed to sort out the cleft rail fence close to where we park the cars. This lovely new fence had replaced a horrid old half-round effort that we inherited from the previous occupants; although it was much prettier, dogs could still jump through from both directions.

Spurred on by the success of the resaw jig I'd make for the bandsaw, another trip into our permissive woods was in order. The chainsaw started first time after a couple of months of inactivity, and five minutes later we had these Ash logs - both about a foot round and three feet long.

Onto the resaw jig, and through the bandsaw they go...

...before they are planked into 10mm thick boards.

The quality control is still somewhat lacking - it is quite hard to keep the log upright and against the fence - the natural drift of the bandsaw will try and push things out of kilter. Anyway, this was perfectly good enough for some three-inch wide boards for the fence.

Every third board was left a few inches longer, and they were fixed with stainless steel screws - the fence looks marvellous, but most importantly it is dog proof! An added bonus was the off-cuts, which burned beautifully and kept the house heated for the evening. Not a bad day's work!

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