Welcome to my blog, where a 30-something couple from the UK renovate and extend an old cottage, build some outbuildings, raise some hens and grow firewood trees and vegetables on our Acre in Hampshire. It's a bit like a smallholding but without too many animals, so we call it a homestead - living within our means, relying on ourselves and having a wonderful life!


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Welcome to An Acre in Hampshire!

Here we go - the first Blog post at An Acre in Hampshire!

A bit of background before we get stuck in...

I'm Simon, and together with my girlfriend Kristy and our Border Terrier Monty, will try and document a few fun elements of our new life in Hampshire. We have recently bought a run-down farm worker's cottage with about an acre of land, and over the next few years will be renovating the cottage and messing about with the land. The ultimate aim is to create a beautiful family home with a productive kitchen garden, with a few animals knocking about for good measure.

We are trying to achieve our dream on a tight budget - we have streched outselves as far as we are comfortable (and a tiny bit more...!) to buy a great 'long term' home that will allow us to achieve all our plans and ambitions, with a little left over for projects. We are by no means experts - we are a normal 30-something couple both working in the public sector, but hopefully some folk will enjoy reading about our successes (and failures!)

We are trying to live a more fulfilling and self-sufficient life, enjoying home-produced food and fixing things, rather than relying on fragile supply chains and daily trips to the supermarket.

You will have to excuse a few 'off topic' posts about some of the other things in life that excite me. You may find entries about my Land Rover adventures, eco projects designed to 'do our bit' and save some pennies, some woodsmanship and bushcraft posts, stuff about tractors and tools, ramblings about my workshop and fixing things, land management, food preserving, home brewing - be prepared for anything!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions - please leave a comment or let me know!


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