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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Glazing putty - mankind's most satisfying job?

Our ropey, dusty old carport is destined to become my workshop in due course - and we are rushing through it's refurbishment at the moment. Not only will this allow a covered area to build and fix things around the homestead, it will mean we can move out of the shipping container which is storing the majority of our worldly goods.

(As an interesting aside, the impact that the humble ISO, or Intermodal, Container has had on global development is quite remarkable. Well worth a Wikipedia search if you have a spare minute...)

We have given the workshop a new floor (damp proof membrane, sand and paving slabs) and a coat or 
two of white paint in the very dusty and cobwebby walls. Some nice (and cheap) eBay ledge and brace 
oak doors complete the job, but we had to replace a few broken panes of glass. Cue a self-taught lesson 
in puttying window panes!

I can't quite put my finger on what makes the job quite so pleasing - it must be the mix of an  
easy-to-achieve finish, with visible progress and the pleasure of a job well done. My mind wondered 
to an almost-hypnotised state, and the weight of a day at work just evaporated.

Kristy has decided that glazing putty is now a Blue Job.

Should you face the job, essential tools include a small scraper, some linseed putty, a cup of tea and the 
wireless tuned to Radio 4. Bliss!

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