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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Garden Room - Dwarf Walls

With something like a fortnight to go before our Wedding (and DIY in-the-garden-and-Barn reception) we contracted the building of the dwarf walls that we'd need for the building of our side extension Garden Room.

Yes, it was a bit last minute - but the nature of the foundations meant that there was a foot-deep hole running around the perimeter of the foundation. We'd already lost one small child's leg down the hole, and didn't want a repeat performance at the wedding.

We really landed on our feet with Nathan, our brickie. He had visited before to lay the blocks for the barn, and turned out to be a real craftsman. He planned to finish the job over a two-day weekend - and visited on the friday evening to prepare and move materials into place. We used hand-thrown (or whatever verb they use...) bricks which match the house really well.

This first pic was first thing in the morning - they had to cut in the bricks to match the pattern in the house.

The outside skin went up really quickly - and the finish they have achieved is wonderful. There is not a speck of mortar on the brickwork, and the pointing is to a really high standard. 

The job was finished by lunchtime on Sunday - with both skins tied together, insulated and a tidy site. Great work fellas - we'll use you again!

And a quick reminder about what we hope to achieve with the Garden Room - an oak framed orangery (far too upmarket a word for our house, but that's the proper name - a conservatory with a solid roof!) with bi-fold doors and windows all the way round. We plan to use it as a large family dining room with a small sitting-room bit at one end.

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