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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Extension Groundworks

This extension was always going to be a 'one day' project. Doing the groundworks now serves four purposes;

  • We get the chaos and mud of Groundworks out of the way in one hit (as it turned out, the weather was very kind and there was not a jot of mud...)
  • We can start to plan and build new paths and flower beds - the concrete paths we have at the moment are horrid...
  • If we have the groundworks complete, we will be more likely to build an extension in a couple of years - the job will be much easier.
  • We are spreading the cost of the project - I guess that the groundworks are a good 40% of the cost of a job like this.
So, the guys pressed on. 

As before, scrape some trenches through the clay until we reached gravel. Richard chopped through the water supply pipe in doing this - they were very careful and excavated round the old pipe by hand, assuming it was still pressurised. Never mind - no lasting damage done.


A quick blob or two of concrete...

Richard doing some more pipework on our supply pipe - I got him to fit a stop cock before the house, and we tee'd into this for the feed that runs to the Barn.

And some blocks and bricks to finish the job. This angle on the GoPro makes it look massive - it's only 3.5 metres from the inner wall of the extension to the french doors.

Tomorrow, I'm going to tee into the water supply again and run a water line to the front of the house (under the beam floor...) in order that we can have an outside tap at the front. It's the sort of job that will take 10 minutes now, but about three days after the beams are in place!

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